Magento + Zmags Creator

Engage with your customers like never before with the power of Magento and Zmags Creator.

Create without Limits by Combining Magento with Creator!

Using the power of Magento with the flexibility of Creator means building the most unique and limitless shopping experiences on the market—without having to know a single line of code. 

Creator offers an intuitive, seamless user experience that your marketing team will be able to learn quickly. Before you know it, your team's imagination will run wild as you add compelling, interactive elements and designs to your site. 

See why Magento brands are choosing Zmags Creator.

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Top Features Magento Customers Love: 

✓ Designed for Marketers
✓ 1-hour implementation
✓ No coding or HTML knowledge required

✓ Free-form design
✓ 1-click animations + interactivity
✓ Native quick-view integrations
✓ Immediately launch quizzes, guides, lookbooks, and more


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Connect, Create, Publish, Convert—In Minutes

With Zmags Creator + Magento Commerce, marketers can think outside of the box and design more innovative experiences for their shoppers.


Effortlessly connect Creator with Magento to instantly work on captivating shoppable experiences, without relying on a 3rd party or developer resources.

  • Quick-view integration
  • Compatibility with most personalization engines






Empower your marketing team with a slick, easy-to-use UI that lets users drag-and-drop assets on to a free-form design canvas with the ability to add interactivity and animations in one click.

  • Interactive effects, like hover, slide-ins, live text, and fade-ins
  • Layering capabilities and native image optimization


Go live to your website faster than ever before, utilizing Creator's NO CODE and one-click approach to website development.

  • Ability to publish to any page (homepage, PDP, PLP, landing page)
  • Microsite functionality






Shorten the path to purchase and drive better website conversions through quick views, lightboxes, shopping guides, and other interactive experiences.

  • Shoppers can make instant purchases 
  • Create unlimited experiences for all of your unique buyers, with your Zmags subscription 


"With Creator, we can commerce-enable our rich content quickly and engage with our customers in new, innovative ways. Our customers can stay within the experience throughout the purchase process, reducing friction while increasing time spent on site and conversions."

Mark Lippman, Co-Founder

Deborah Lippman

“Creator has transformed both the content we're creating and the way we're creating it. And with inventory alerting, we've streamlined our workflow while delivering a customer journey that converts.”

Danielle Rohe, Inbound Marketing Specialist

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Ready to Enhance Your Customers' Buying Experience? 

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