Salesforce Commerce Cloud+ Zmags Creator

Build better customer experiences on your website with the power of Salesforce Commerce Cloud and Zmags Creator.

Supercharge Page Designer with Creator!

Get the flexibility to build interactive, shoppable experiences - without constraints - using Creator with Business Manager or Page Designer. No more rigid templates or custom components.

Creator offers an intuitive, seamless user experience that will transform the way you build compelling material, without requiring painful changes to your current marketing stack. Take advantage of our NEW integration allowing users to automatically populate Creator content into your layouts!

Check out why 75+ Salesforce Commerce Cloud brands use Zmags.

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How does Creator Enhance Page Designer?

✓ 1-hour implementation
✓ Native quick-view integrations
✓ In-platform collaboration tools
✓ Compatible with most personalization engines
✓ Immediately launch quizzes, guides, lookbooks, and more
✓ Free-form design
✓ 1-click animations + interactivity
✓ Native image optimization
✓ Live text + custom fonts
✓ Publish an unlimited number of experiences, to any web page 
✓ Microsite functionality



Connect, Create, Publish, Convert—without code

With Zmags Creator + Salesforce Commerce Cloud marketers supercharge their creativity, designing more dynamic website experiences for their shoppers.


Effortlessly connect Creator with Salesforce Commerce Cloud's Business Manager or Page Designer, or any external CMS to instantly build engaging, shoppable experiences, without the need to rely on 3rd party or developer resources.

  • Quick-view integration
  • Compatibility with most personalization engines






Enable your marketing team with an intuitive UI allowing users to drag-and-drop all assets onto the free-form design canvas with the ability to add interactivity and animations in one click.

  • Interactive effects, like hover, slide-ins, and fade-ins
  • Layering capabilities and native image optimization


Then, publish your interactive buyers' experiences live to your website faster, utilizing Creator's NO CODE and one-click approach to website development.

  • Ability to publish to any page (homepage, PDP, PLP, landing page)
  • Microsite functionality






By adding quick views directly to your interactive digital experiences, you can shorten the path to purchase and drive better website conversions.

  • Shoppers don’t have to be on a product detail page to purchase
  • With your subscription, create unlimited experiences to match your unique buyers


"At Lulu Guinness we’re leading the way online because of Zmags. Our team uses Creator every day because there are no constraints on what we can build, and we can build it fast. It’s the perfect complement to our eCommerce platform."

Tayyaba Malik, Head of eCommerce

Lulu Guinness

“Creator has enabled our small team to make a big impact. We’re now delivering more elevated experiences for our customers online, while at the same time dramatically reducing the effort needed to create those experiences.”

Mick Burchfield, CRM & Digital Marketing Director


Ready to Create Unique Online Experiences?

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